Barracuda Backup

Protect Every Piece of Your Business’s Valuable Data


All businesses have precious data. Data that if it were accidentally deleted or lost due to a hardware failure, the result would be hours (or even days) of downtime and plenty of lost revenue. Accidents like these can cripple businesses beyond repair. This is why Brick9 offers their 3-2-1 backup strategy in combination with Barracuda Backup; 3 versions of your data, two copies in different formats, and one of them stored offsite.

Barracuda Backup offers a streamlined backup service
and fast recovery of your data

Their cloud-integrated solution offers:

  •  Easy setup: Barracuda Backup can be deployed by Brick9 in as little as a few hours
  •  Easy management: manage your backups from one single hub
  •  Unlimited amounts of cloud storage
  •  An extensive range of supported environments
IT datacentre barracuda backup

By combining software, hardware, and offsite replication, Barracuda Backup can protect all your physical and virtual environments.

Maybe you’re sick of inefficient, multi-vendor backups delivered piecemeal. Or maybe you’re new to backup and want a simple solution.
 Whatever position you’re in, Barracuda Backup can meet your needs and support all forms of replication. Be it to another Barracuda
appliance for private-cloud data protection or secure transfer to the Barracuda Cloud.

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