Managed IT Support: The Best of IT Without the Burden

This is where the real magic happens. With Managed IT Support, we proactively manage your IT and solve issues before you know they happened. Our bespoke solutions and proactive support help you stay ahead of IT challenges. The result? Business continuity and peace of mind. Focus on growing your company knowing IT problems are a thing of the past.



How Managed IT Support helps your SME

Letting Brick9 manage your IT helps your business – and simply makes life a lot easier.


It’s like IT day care

Imagine someone looking after your IT. All day, every day. With the same passion and energy that you put into your company. Because that’s what we do. We love IT as much as you love your work. And we invest the same time and effort into managing your systems as you do your business. Pretty good, right?

It’s cost-effective

Every solution on the market claims to be the best for you. We look past that and focus what's right for you, now and to help your business grow. Of course, you only pay for what you need. With managed IT, the cost of support visits will go down, too. So don’t be surprised if you end up saving money.

It’s fully transparent

You get detailed monthly reports where we outline everything we’ve prevented, encountered and conquered. We’re proud of our work and really want you to know about it. And it’s important that you stay informed. They are your systems, after all.

You stay in control

Whatever type of managed contract you go for, you stay in charge of your systems. Any changes we make are validated with you. No surprise invoices or hidden fees. We’re partners. And we want to work alongside you to make sure your IT works so your company works.

We save you time

Let’s be honest: you’re busy. Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent on IT. We take that burden away from you. Whether it’s new solutions or threats, we stay on top of all IT developments. So that you don’t have to.

You don’t have to worry

IT problems are never convenient. You’re mid-presentation. You’re on holiday. Maybe you don’t know how to solve an issue in the first place. And any downtime at all is harmful for your business. With managed IT, we take on that responsibility. So don’t worry. And have another cocktail.

With over 20 years’ experience in managing IT for SMEs, it’s safe to say we understand your challenges. You benefit from our experience across industries, our highly skilled team and enterprise-quality solutions. Our scalable and cost-effective IT services support you today and help you grow tomorrow. That’s our promise to you.

Our Managed IT Support

How we manage your IT? You decide. Maybe you need us to keep an eye on your systems and provide support on call. Or perhaps you
don’t want to deal with IT at all and prefer we do everything for you. We’ve got you covered with options for both.




This service is perfect if you have limited IT budgets or want to stay in charge of how your budget is spent.

How it works

We proactively monitor all your hardware and software. For free. And you won’t even know we’re there. If anything happens, we get in touch. You decide if you want us to fix it. If you do, we deduct our time from your prepaid hours bundle. Full control.

  •  Buy a bundle of hours upfront – you decide when you use them (valid for 1 year)
  •  Free monitoring for 1 server and 10 workstations. We can add extra devices at a surcharge.
  •  Support included:
  •  Support availability:
    Business days
    Weekends and evenings at a surcharge


This service fits perfectly if you want to fully focus on your business in the knowledge that your IT is looked after – day and night.

How it works

We, quite literally, look after everything. We keep your systems online, up-to-date and protected. And if anything breaks? We fix it, then tell you about it in our monthly report. All for a fixed monthly fee. No surprise invoices or hidden fees. Easy.

  •  One fixed monthly fee, all your devices managed
  •  Proactive monitoring of servers and workstations
  •  Includes:
    Password vaults
  •  Support included:
  •  Support availability:
    Business days
    Weekends and evenings at a surcharge

Speak to our managed IT experts

We really want to understand your business and give you the best possible advice. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your situation
and learn more about the best support solution for you. Free of charge, no strings attached.

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