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The opportunities offered by The Cloud are endless. The increased agility, cyber security, and cost savings are undeniable. Not to mention it being perfect for use in a remote work context. But actually adopting cloud technology can be a different story. A full-blown cloud migration may feel daunting. Thankfully Brick9 is well versed in all things cloud migration. So, if you’ve been meaning to do one for years or you’re just a little curious, there’s never been a better time to get in touch.

Why and when you should consider a cloud migration

  •  When you want to start hiring more remote employees
  •  When your business is going through changes and you need to stay adaptable
  •  When you want to ensure your software is always up to date
  •  When your on-site servers need replacing
  •  When you want to spend less time maintaining your current IT equipment
  •  When you just want to feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve a stable and reliable solution

Work with Brick9 on your cloud migration
and you can expect all of the following

  •  A review of your licensing setup
  •  Analysis of your current data structure
  •  Security and permission setup
  •  Setup of your cloud environment
  •  Full training to get you used to your new cloud environment


Join the legions of businesses taking advantage of The Cloud with these two solutions

A full cloud migration

Unless your business works 100% on-premises or has little need to adapt to changes, migrating to the cloud can position your business well for the future.

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Go hybrid

If a full cloud migration feels daunting and you’re at least somewhat comfortable with your on-premises IT, you don’t need to rush into a full migration. You can have the best of both worlds and partially migrate.

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