SME Cyber Security

The complete range of products your business needs to avoid falling victim to cyber crime

SMEs are no longer being ignored by cybercriminals. With typically reduced security measures SME cyber-crime is big business. What’s worse, is that typically SMEs have the hardest time recovering from cyber-attacks. This means SME cyber security needs to be just as on point as any other business. Fortunately, Brick9 has a range of services that can make your SME cyber security as good as possible.

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Network Security

Protection for all your IT networks, no matter where or how they’re accessed


Barracuda Cloudgen Firewall

The Barracuda firewall will monitor your network traffic in and out and block any bad traffic that may contain malware. It does this using techniques like “user identity” and “application awareness” to select the best network path.

Barracuda CloudGen Access

Give your networks zero trust access for ultimate protection. CloudGen Access ensures that only the right person with the right device can access your customer’s data and applications.

Email Security

Protection for both your inbox and your business from email-focused threats


Barracuda Email Security

Protect yourself from the evolving range of email-borne threats that are targeting your inbox. It’s completely cloud based and can be easily deployed with no need for whitelisting.

Barracuda Sentinel

This offers focused protection from spear phishing and cyber fraud. Using artificial intelligence and domain fraud visibility you’ll run zero risk of trusting in a criminal’s false identity.

Endpoint Security

Protect the weakest parts of your SME cyber security


Endpoint Security

Based on predictive threat intelligence, this security system fights viruses immediately. Any threats to your SME cyber security via mail, files, links, apps, or other media can be blocked in real time. They will then be reported to you in full.

Password Vault

As the Belgian pioneer for password vaults, we offer a secure environment where you can store your passwords and share them with other people. Great for when you forget a password. It also lets you manage your passwords appropriately: you can check how strong and recent they are so they can be changed accordingly.

Choosing from any of the above cyber security methods can sometimes be a confusing task. That’s why we have a team of SME cyber security experts ready to talk to you if you're unsure what the right solution for your business might be. If you need a little guidance, click below to book a call with an expert today.

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