Cloud Solutions

Whether it's public, private, or hybrid, choosing from one of three cloud solutions can work wonders for your business.



With remote work only growing in popularity, being able to conduct your business operations from anywhere is becoming non-negotiable. Beyond that there’s a range of benefits that cloud solutions can bring. Namely increased business agility, greater security, cost savings, and collaboration potential. But before you take advantage of these benefits, first consider which of the three cloud solutions will be best for your business.

Here’s an overview of the three cloud solutions available to you

Public Cloud Solutions

This involves handing your data over to a cloud computing provider like Microsoft Azure. They store and manage your data on their own servers. Leaving you with less to worry about on the security and maintenance front.

Private Cloud Solutions

Opt for a private cloud and you’re now in charge of your own cloud environments. This can be facilitated by your own on-premises server or hosted elsewhere. Either way, with a private cloud you have your data stored on your own cloud that offers more customisation options.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid clouds can offer the best of all worlds. You could have a combination of public and private cloud solutions. Or maybe a combination of a cloud solution (be it public or private) and your current on-premises storage solution.

Each of these three cloud solutions have their own strengths

Public cloud solutions are...
  •  The least hassle: there’s no capital investment required
  •  However public clouds give you less control over your cloud environment and less room for customisation. This can be far from ideal for businesses that have a complex application process or complicated network architecture.
Private cloud solutions are...
  •  Completely customisable to your business’s own requirements allowing you to optimise its efficiencies and use superior analytics to predict and prevent downtime and bottlenecks.
  •  Managing and maintaining them can be costly, stressful, and time consuming.
Hyrbid cloud solutions are...
  •  Potentially the best of both worlds. You could get all the benefits of a private cloud for storing your sensitive data, whilst getting all the benefits of a public cloud for your everyday business data.
  •  Maintaining visibility can be hard. With data split across more than one type of cloud, staying aware of things like security threats and inefficient performance isn’t as simple as with other cloud solutions.

Regardless of what solution is right for your business, cloud solutions will always be more agile and scalable than any on-premises legacy solution. And they’ll also be available from any location. This means moving away from your old fashioned, on-premises solution will almost always be a win, whatever cloud solution you choose

The right answer for your business can depend on numerous factors. Factors like how much maintenance you’re willing to be responsible for, how much you need to prioritise security and compliance etc. If these decisions feel like a complete minefield, click below to book a talk with one of our cloud solutions experts and they can help to find the right solution for you.

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