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Keep your business communicative and productive with our WiFi and telephone solutions


Connectivity is at the heart of everything a business does. Every email, every file shared, and every conference call is supported by a strong internet connection. Plus, with our offices becoming more and more remote by the minute, strong connectivity is all the more integral to a business’s operations. Without good internet connectivity, remote teams can’t close deals, hire new staff, or have anything close to a normal conversation.

Here are the two connectivity services your business can benefit from


WiFi as a service

The lifeblood of any modern business. A good WiFi connection lets your business get on with its work. A bad WiFi connection can lead to hours of frustration, wasted resources, and wasted money.


VoIP Telephony

Where would a business be without its telephone system? VoIP telephony can take your regular phone up a gear by offering greater sound quality, lower costs, and even efficiency gains by integrating with your CRM.

Whatever your connectivity issue, Brick9 has most likely seen it before during its 20+ years helping small businesses. If you’re not sure which of the above solutions is right for you, click below to talk to one of our connectivity experts

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