VoIP Telephony

You may never want to use a regular landline again


Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that’s supported and delivered over the internet. It’s leaner, smarter, and most of all cheaper than your traditional ISDN landline service because it doesn’t rely on a phone company’s wires to make the connection. This agile way of communicating is fast becoming the norm for all modern businesses, here’s why.

Implement a VoIP telephone system and you can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: VoIP phones are usually cheaper in every way
  • Increased business scalability: it’s a lot easier to add and remove users with VoIP
  • Improved business efficiency: VoIP phones have a range of features that make business easier, namely easier call transferring and – if its compatible - integration with your CRM.
  • Improved sound quality: VoIP sounds much better than a landline
  • More flexibility: you can make a call from any device - laptop, tablet, desktop, or phone

Here’s how VoIP stacks up against your regular ISDN telephone line




Can be incorporated into a variety of business setups



Easy system transfer when you move office



CRM integration



Fast and fuss free installation: no need to add new cables or open up floorboards



Free internal calls



Choose your phone number no matter where you’re located



Why VoIP with Brick9?

We’ve been handling VoIP for over seven years. We handle every stage of the process and in our time installing VoIP systems we’ve seen virtually every issue that might arise.

With Brick9 you get:



Ongoing support

And a handset for every user

We’ll also tailor each package to your specific business needs and offer unlimited support during business hours.

It’s clear that VoIP has a lot going for it. And if you’re a small business that’s looking to cut costs or remain agile and adaptable, then VoIP is the ideal solution. If you’re curious to find out more, click below to book a meeting with one of our VoIP experts today.

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