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More and more devices are populating our work environments. Phones, tablets, and laptops are always demanding more from our WiFi. And it’s not as though your WiFi isn’t depended on enough. We all know how frustrating work gets when your WiFi goes down, even for just a minute or two. If you want to stop worrying about your WiFi and make sure that it’s performing at its absolute peak, WiFi as a service can make sure your business stays connected and stays productive. Here’s how.

The business benefits of WiFi as a service


It’s cost effective

Your WiFi as a service team knows all the ways to avoid unnecessary costs.


It’s more secure

To stay safe, all the right switches, gateways, and access points must be turned on. And only the best way to ensure this is with professional help from a WiFi as a service provider.


Easy access to technical support

Whilst our WiFi services are reliable, downtime can always happen. Thankfully Brick9 is always on hand to remedy any issues.


It offers an improved user experience

WiFi as a service can customise settings to your business’s specific needs, plus WiFi will be another thing you won’t need to worry about.


You’ll get detailed reporting and monitoring

Get insights into how your network is used, how it performs, and much more. This can help inform your business decisions.


It’s much easier to scale with your business

WiFi as a service offers dozens of access points meaning your business can easily add new users.

We use Xirrus Cambium or Netgear technology to support your WiFi as a service. It’s one of the most secure, reliable, and fast network solutions on the market.





Brick9 can install and maintain your wireless applications with zero friction to your business. So, if you’re currently managing your own WiFi in-house, the transition to an optimised, less stressful solution could be closer than you think. Click below to book a meeting with one of Brick9’s WiFi as a service experts today.

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