Hackers continue to pose a threat to the security of your company

We at Brick9 have only one goal: to keep your business going with high performance skills and the best software and hardware. Due to the ransomware attack a few weeks ago, when the group REvil (Wikipedia) created a headache for more than 1500 companies, we decided to write this blog. For the record: not a single IT company can rule out that kind of attack, no matter which security measures have been taken. Fairy tales don't exist, but we can create an environment that minimizes horror stories.

Layered offering

Our offering contains multiple layers and many domains. Below you'll find a summary of these layers:

 - Securing e-mails and/or the 365 environment by means of spam and antivirus filters, AI scanning, backup and obliging two-factor authentication to prevent phishing.

 - Securing the perimeter, scanning of traffic that comes from other networks with the help of a firewall, for example. Link detection and advanced threat detection of internet traffic, for example. 

 - Securing local devices themselves through endpoint security.

 - Using a password vault to have unique combinations of logins and passwords for different applications.

 - Better protecting login accounts with administrative rights (think of for example other parties that can also log into your environment for their software maintenance).

 - (Auto) patching of operating systems and software.

 - Endpoint compliance (computer, laptop, smartphone) offered through the licenses in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and higher.

 - Constant monitoring on the network to quickly detect and resolve attacks.

 - A good backup and Disaster Recovery strategy that also must be tested regularly.

So quite a mouthful, with all these security solutions. But we can only give you the perfect shopping cart with products if a professional analysis of your environment has been made. So, our first message is to have us make that analysis together with you. In the end, a simple cough can also appear to be a chronic bronchitis. Only a specialist can interpret this correctly

The cloud to the rescue

And there is also something new that fits perfectly and for which we have the ideal occasion to bring it up. As I said, no single system is flawless. For example, you can enter your company on Monday morning with a big smile on your face, only to panic two minutes later when all data has been encrypted and no single system works. Your first reaction will be: call Brick9. That's a good reaction, because we can try to restart all data and systems, if there is a good backup and some additional devices.

Imagine you have a deadline or want to have a look at your delivery orders because you urgently need to send something to a client. Take it from us, your second reaction will be: "It was silly of us to think that downtime for one day wouldn't be that bad, because it isn't." We also have a solution for that problem: the cloud.

What can we do with the cloud?

 - create temporary resources (servers) really fast

 - act while the local systems keep being untouched while they wait for an intervention of experts for assurance purposes

 - create stand-alone entities that have nothing to do with the internet. Because of this, a hacker that attacks you can't cause a domino effect to all your customer

Quickly operational thanks to a Disaster Recovery Plan

Thanks to all these layers coupled with a cloud setting, roles are being reversed and the hackers themselves have a panic attack. What do we suggest? Well, you better make a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The analysis and the environment that we create are a copy, so your business can be back operational in a much shorter amount of time.

Every week we note that there is downtime in companies, even in the large ones. That keeps us awake at night and under the slogan, 'better safe than sorry' our message to you is: Start using a DRP.

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